Wind Mitigation

In South and Central Florida, big storms with high speed wind are no stranger to its residents. As a result of this, insurance companies often request homeowners to provide proof that their home can withstand and mitigate these hazardous conditions.

That is why Vital Signs offers wind mitigation inspections to every one of our customers. Not only will our inspection help you get the insurance you need, it will also let you know of any potential weak spots in your structure. So when these storms come, you can rest assured that family and personal property are as safe as possible.

Contact Us at (352) 403-1104 to schedule your wind mitigation inspection.

This inspection includes:

  • Proof of roof age and material
  • Roof Deck Attachment
  • Roof to Wall Attachment
  • Roof Geometry
  • Secondary Water Resistance (SWR)
  • Opening Protection

Why Schedule a Wind Mitigation inspection?

  1. Florida statute 627.711 Requires insurance companies to provide discounts to homeowners who qualify.
  2. These savings can total up to 40% of the original policy premium.
  3. Vitals Signs Home Inspection will send your completed inspection back to you within 24hrs, so you can get them to your insurance company ASAP.
  4. Safety and security of your investment.