4-Point Inspection

Insurance companies often require a 4-point inspection before offering a homeowner insurance. It is a visual inspection of 4 major components of your home: (1) Roof (2) Electrical System (3) Plumbing and (4) HVAC System. This inspection verifies the integrity of the 4 major components of your home including the age, type, condition and an estimate of the remaining useful life of each system.

4 Systems We Inspect

  • Roofing – We’ll estimate the remaining life of your roof based on the current condition and type of roofing material.
  • Electrical – We’ll inspect the electrical panel and determine its make/model. We will also assess the wiring types/sizes and take note of any potential hazards.
  • HVAC – We'll visually inspect the system noting its age, current condition and any potential hazards
  • Plumbing – We'll look for any water damage or leaks. We will also notate its age, current condition and any potential hazards.

We will have a complete inspection sent to you within 24hrs